Luxury Gifts for Men

Choosing the perfect gift for men can be difficult, but whatever the occasion, Roberts & Co. Jewelry can help you pick out a luxury and fashionable accessory.
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How to Choose the Perfect Pearl

Pearls come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. Don't be overwhelmed by the endless choices, learn the basics of pearls and choose the type that's perfect for your taste!
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Guidelines: Taking Care of Fine Jewelry

Is your fine jewelry sitting in a box gathering dust? Remember that precious metals and gems must be cared for in order to retain their beauty. Be sure to clean and store your fine jewelry properly, and it will last a lifetime. Of course, you can always visit us for complimentary jewelry cleaning in Tifton, GA. Here are a few guidelines...
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Special Christmas Gift Ideas for Him & Her

This year, give your mom or your wonderful wife something timeless. Reminder her how much you love her! At Roberts and Jewelry Co., we make the process of holiday shopping easy and enjoyable. With collections ranging from pearl necklaces and watches to baby gifts and engagement rings, we have something for every loved one in your life.
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Can My Jewelry Be Repaired?

Most high-quality jewelry is designed to last a long time with little maintenance. However, undesirable circumstances or time can lead to loose stones, broken strings or worn-down prongs. Fortunately, most of these can be an easy fix, but it is important to seek the help of a professional.
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